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Tango is a dance which relies totally on a good connection between partners with good posture and technique. One of the main appeals for dancers is the sensation and passion of dancing with your partner. It is an improvised dance. There are no routines. Learning requires lots of practice, so Tango needs commitment and application. There are no quick routes and answers and so this process takes time. If you want to pick up all the basics in one lesson you will be disappointed and this is why many Tango schools recommend that beginners sign up for several classes. This ensures dancers gain a better understanding of the dance. Tango takes time to master but it is well worth while. There are added benefits too.  You will have improved posture, balance and memory, as well as achieving a much better connection with others. Even experienced dancers take lessons to improve their technique and connection with their partner, as well as to learn new steps. Dancers enjoy striving to be better and more connected dancers.


If you are coming to Tango for the first time, make sure you are wearing clothes which allow free movement and are comfortable. Your shoes should have a slippery sole to allow you to pivot and turn. Grippy trainers will make dancing difficult. Shoes with leather or suede soles are ideal. Men's shoes should ideally have flexible soles to allow more freedom in movement. Women may choose to wear heeled shoes but this is not obligatory, and it is more important to protect your feet than follow fashion.
If you don’t have dance shoes, wait until you get advice from existing dancers on what to buy. Flat shoes are fine. Filled in toed shoes are recommended when learning. High street fashion heels are not usually easy to dance in. Dance shoes are more sturdy and will have flexible soles. For ladies, the size of heel is a personal choice so when trying on shoes, see what feels most comfortable, and you can balance in. Dance shoes can be bought at various specialised outlets and are sometimes on sale at milongas, a tango dance. They are expensive but will they will last a very long time.

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Absolute beginners can start at any time due to the style of teaching at Bury Tango. We run structured, easy to follow classes with no more than 8 steps to learn. Dancers will be able to both lead and follow the moves quite comfortably by the end of the class. Dancers will gain a more rounded, understanding of tango and be able to retain the instruction to a much higher degree.


Our classes are very sociable and you are assured of an enjoyable evening.

Look forward to a welcoming  

embrace of friendship and accelerated coaching with us at Bury Tango.


2024 will open new dancing doors for you.



Traditional tango music has a distintive sound which, for tango dancers, just makes them want to get up and dance. If you are new to tango, it is a good idea to listen to some tango music while you are at home and perhaps in your car, to become more familiar with the sounds and rhythms.  There are many CDs to choose from and also tango radio stations to listen to. 
Look for the 3 types:
All have distinct rhythms, with different orchestras adding unique flavours



At Bury Tango we enjoy a mix of traditional and alternative tango music. Alternative music could be modern, jazz, rock, classical, nuevo and any music that you can dance tango to. Occasionally, we have Tango Heresy nights where the music is all non traditional tango.

This versatility encourages a skill set in our members so they can visit other dance venues, not just tango ones, and get up, and on the dancefloor at all life events wherever there is music playing!

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Don't be surprised to see same sex couples dancing tango together! From the very start of tango in Buenos Aires, in the late 1800's,  there were many more men than women learning to dance. So the men would practise together. The women would practise together too. At Bury Tango we actively encourage swapping roles. This helps to gain a better understanding of the lead and follow in the dance, and makes us better dancers.

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