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Develop your Tango to a new level with these Sunday workshops with Bury Tango.

We got off to a brilliant start on the 3rd of October, now we move onto the following dates, all of which are booked independently.

31st October - Linear Colgadas both sides with suspension

28th November - Circular Colgadas with a choice of entries

12th December - Alterations (alteraciones) simple and with sacadas

Times will be from 12 midday to 2 pm
Structure 45 mins, 10 mins break, 45 mins, 20 minutes summary and practice.

Cost for this will be £10 per couple, per day, paid in cash on the day.


Venue will be Mick’s Barn near Rattlesden Airfield.
Full address on application

Mick and Esme will be presenting this series and the content will be based around their discoveries during lockdown and they stress that they themselves are still working on improving the content – Their approach will be one of sharing their experiences and consolidating everyone’s abilities in a co-operative way.

The workshops will focus heavily on technique using the lead/follow dialogue and will involve extensive use of dissociation, suspension, the free relaxed leg, the body spiral and developing flexibility in the embrace. All these techniques will require practice and so they are offering this to couples who are willing and able to spend time together on these techniques.

These workshops are level 3/4 or otherwise “intermediate” level. Please make sure you are ready for this level of learning. They will run this first series with a maximum of six couples only – this permits more than enough space and will ensure each couple gets enough attention.

Running these are an experiment for Mick & Esme, and represents our determination to improve the level of Tango dancing in this region. If this yields positive results we will repeat these workshops and extend to other topics.

If you are interested, write to info@burytango.co.uk, stating which workshops you would like to do and state name of your partner. You will be put on a register and any surplus placed on a waiting list. This will have to be first come, first served.



If you can walk, you can learn this dance!

This friendly introductory course runs for six weeks and assumes no prior knowledge of Argentine Tango.

The course is offered as a complete package and you are encouraged to attend each session and we do expect participants to practise.  Pre-booking is required for the entire course, so please don't just turn up on the night.

This commences on Tuesday 28th, for six weeks, the details are shown below. We are also preparing some one-off “taster” classes so you can try it out before you commit. All classes, and tasters on the course are held at the Hunter Club in Bury St Edmunds.


Tuesday 28th Sep 8.15 to 9.10 pm 
Week 1:  Connection and walking to the music with elementary moves.


Tuesday 5th Oct   8.15 to 9.10 pm 
Week 2: Stepping confidently, walking and moving smoothly with your partner.

Tuesday 12th Oct  8.15 to 9.10 pm 
Week 3: Beginning turns, forward ochos and fitting them in the dance.

Tuesday 19th Oct  8.15 to 9.10 pm 
Week 4: Backward ochos with entry and exit.

Tuesday 26th Oct  8.15 to 9.10 pm 
Week 5: Complete turns, the giro (molinette) with entry and exit.

Tuesday 2nd Nov   8.15 to 9.10 pm 
Week 6: Simple combinations of the basics that you have learnt so far.

The course itself will cost £60 per couple or £35 per person.


At the end of the 6 weeks you should have learnt enough to get you round the dancefloor, but to master this dance properly will take many months so we continue this introductory course up with further courses - the next will be a further six Tuesdays from 9th November.

For all our courses, everyone will need a partner and we prefer you to find one, as we do expect you to practise in between classes. By having a regular partner it will save you money, and help with reinforcing what you learnt.  

Singles can join a list, and we will try to match you up with another, if one comes along. Please get your request in early as we do get a limited number of singles applying: send us your form and we will confirm when we have found you a partner. Please be prompt with this as last time we had too many single leaders on our books in the last week of booking.


Absolute Beginners Course
Autumn 2021

Bury Tango

Monday Schedule - The Hunter Club

Doors open 7.15

Techniques class 7.30 -

Practica until10.30

Or (when running) a practilonga 7.30 - 10.30

Bury Tango

Tuesday Schedule - The Hunter Club

Doors open 7.00

Beginners class 7.15 - 8.10

Beginners plus class 8.15 - 9.15

Practica until 10.30

Colchester Tango (when available)

Thursday Schedule - The Red Lion

Doors open 7.15

All levels class 7.30 - 8.15

Practilonga until 10.30

Our Venues

The Hunter Club,

6 St Andrew's St S, Bury Saint Edmunds IP33 3PH

Upstairs - The Red Lion,

42 South Street, Manningtree CO11 1BG


All classes £7. If we have a special visiting teacher, the fee is £10.

Practica or practilonga only, £4


Practicas are a less formal way of learning and practising Tango. They allow time for coaching, instruction and dance practise. The music is sometimes arranged in tandas and the dancing is usually done strictly in ronda rotation so it is almost like a Milonga and is sometimes called a Practilonga. Teachers are available to help with questions and instruction.
Everyone is welcome to the practicas irrespective of their level of experience. It is an opportunity to dance with other dancers. Also to gain more confidence on the dance floor and to experience the different types of tango music. Unlike a milonga, you can stop and discuss your dancing.

1. Physical Exercise
• Tango is good for cardiovascular health. • Tango increases mobility, balance, stride length and core strength.

2. Social Satisfaction
• Interaction with people with similar interests.

3. Spirituality and mindfulness
• Tango induces a state of flow and spirituality. • Mindfulness is improved. Dancers must focus on the present task at hand. There is no time to ruminate about other issues or problems that may be troubling them at the present.

4. Cognition
• Specific cognitive skills may be improved. The ability to do two things at once, such as navigating in a space and being in synchrony with your partner.  Dance appears to be an effective exercise to counteract dementia.

5. Meaningfulness

• Purposefulness of Tango. Dancers not only want to learn the steps, but execute them gracefully and to be in synchrony with their partner. They often express a specific purpose for doing tango. They want to challenge themselves to do something new. They want to have fun and to meet new people.

Tango is goal directed. Anyone who engages in a tango class generally has a specific goal in mind. It might be for social interactions, the ability to dance the tango at a wedding, a trip to Argentina, etc.

6. Emotional and Educational Health

• Tango provides an avenue for learning new skills.  Emotional responses are facilitated by tango music and enhanced by dancing. For more information on this topic see: www.todotango.com





Come and learn some exciting and interesting possibilities for your tango repertoire with our weekly MONDAY LESSONS at THE HUNTER CLUB designed for those who know, and are confident in, their tango basics.

We will be covering the following themes over the next few weeks, helping you to develop your tango and with an emphasis on technique and musicality. NO NEED TO BRING A PARTNER (but nice if you can).





All wonderful, and very danceable moves to help you glide around the floor



 You are assured of a friendly welcome on your return. We offer classes for your level of dancing. There are absolute beginner classes.  Watch the website for these dates. Or Join one of our classes to continue your tango journey and then enjoy our practicas. During the practica teachers will be on hand to help you with your dancing.

For helpful advice please contact Bury Tango on our CONTACT page.